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Menton is a tourist town on the French Riviera which lies on the border of Italy and a few minutes from Monaco. It is nicknamed "Pearl of France" in particular because of its magnificent seaside and turquoise beaches and its exceptional Mediterranean climate which gives it mild and sunny winters. But Menton attracts many tourists and foreign residents because the city, rich in an important natural and historical heritage, has always combined culture and nature. It is at the same time a city of exceptional gardens, a city of lemon but also a city of Art and History. Many renowned architects have left their mark there: Charles Garnier, Abel Gléna, Hans Georg Tersling. The city is very active all year round thanks to the multitude of its shops and its festivities. The seaside being flat; many people come to settle there with a view to retirement.

Menton now has close to 30,000 inhabitants. Menton has a housing stock of around 28,000 dwellings, 68% of which are apartments and 32% of houses. The prices per square meter are on average 5,000 € / m2 for apartments and houses but can exceed 8,000 € / m2 or 9,000 € / m2 for the properties best placed by the sea.

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