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The National Federation of Real Estate - FNAIM estimates that several thousand (around 3000) real estate agencies could close, threatening more than 15,000 jobs.

This health crisis has completely paralyzed the real estate transaction sector. Real estate agents face the full brunt of all system failures.

In fact, 70% of real estate agencies will soon have significant cash flow problems!
This is the result of an express survey of 2,000 professionals. It turns out that the containment and sanitary rules imposed in March prevented the completion of the transactions signed in January and February. Thus, close to 90% of the acts initially planned are now subject to postponement or even outright cancellation.

Real estate agencies will therefore suffer a cash impact of three or five months of turnover. Because the majority of real estate agencies have cash that does not exceed 60 days or even 30 days for almost 40% of them.

This is particularly serious. Real estate agencies are small businesses. If by the end of May activity has not restarted, around 3,000 branches will disappear, threatening 20,000 direct jobs.

The sector expects strong measures from the Government, including:

The removal of the DIA and the pre-emption right for cities that do not have an efficient remote work service.

The possibility for any purchaser to waive all periods of protection.

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