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VESTA - a badge to protect real estate professionals.

Real estate professionals are now represented by a common emblem: Vesta, the Roman goddess of the home, the home and the family. Just like other regulated professions such as lawyers, notaries or bailiffs, all real estate professionals can finally place this emblem on their shop window or business card. This distinction, recognized by the State, only concerns holders of professional cards.

It provides a lot of transparency in a profession that lacked it. It therefore makes it possible to inform customers in particular about: the identity of the holder as well as the legal and legal capacity of the professional and the agency (up to date with all regulatory training and insurance).
It is also a strong message sent to real estate professionals who must respect an ethical charter that governs the profession. Thus this emblem whose motto in Latin "Lucere Defendere" or "enlighten and defend" comes to validate this charter.

This badge is not currently mandatory, but more than 6,000 agencies across the country have already requested it.

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