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Beausoleil is one of the three bordering and border towns of Monaco. This very cosmopolitan city of 14,000 inhabitants, the majority of whom are active, overlooks the Principality, which is easily accessible on foot in a few minutes. This is what appeals to its inhabitants. This city is mainly divided into three districts: that of the Center, the districts of Moneghettis and Tenao which are characterized by a density of apartments within pretty bourgeois buildings and some modern buildings, shops and typical restaurants as well as its superb market all served by its famous stairs that branch out into the city. Beausoleil nevertheless has a less urbanized area on the heights, which adjoins in particular La Turbie, characterized by large green spaces and individual dwellings with superb sea views.

Beausoleil has a building stock of around 10,000 dwellings, 92% of which are apartments and 8% of houses.
Its real estate market is active and of quality. Prices per square meter range from around € 3,500 / m2 to sometimes more than € 13,000 / m2 with an average of € 5,600 / m2 for apartments and € 7,500 / m2 for houses.

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