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Due to the exceptional events and current conditions which affect France today, we present to you prospects for the evolution of the French real estate market in the short term, with all the caution and reservations which are essential in this news which is the our.

Key points

Confinement reduces the euphoria of real estate: all the signals were green to ensure an exceptional 2020 year. The coronavirus crisis will decide otherwise. Since the implementation of the restrictive measures, the stone market has come to a complete halt. The impact on the economy will depend on the duration of the health crisis.

A rapid decrease in the number of transactions can be expected in the short term and beyond the closing period.

The volume of transactions should decrease sharply with a drop from 100,000 to 200,000 transactions in 2020.

Prices are falling in France, but the decline will be moderate. In addition, the crisis will not affect the territories with the same force. Most major French cities would be more spared from this drop.

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